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Thanks to you.

We own some other microphones and gtr cabinets that we haven’t sampled yet: a M*sa 2×12, md421, m201, an expensive italian clone of a Ne*mann U47 and other things that I don’t remember…

Some years ago we even owned an r121, but we sold it because it was expensive and not really useful if not paired with a dynamic microphone. We have never been fans of blended signals – there will never be phase alignment at every frequency: normally there are always some cancellations in the hi end.

But who knows, we could get another r121 back, or choose another brand/model.

We even own a pair of complete bass rigs (Am*eg, Har*ke).

It’s a matter of choosing how we use our time (sampling Virgo and powercabs was a huge work)… Also we would have to find a good location… but never say never.

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