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Domino is one of the most flexible harmonic drivers out today. 

The idea for Domino came out a few years ago, after having spent already countless hours on many sampling sessions of different hardware units. Harmonic distortion, together with a few other dynamic effects, is considered unanimously as the “magic” hidden in pro recordings, mixes and masters. 

We all know that sampling and non-linear convolution have already given great results when capturing the “magic” of a particular hardware chain; that’s cool, but it’s also a sort of “take it or leave it” way of proceeding: if you like the character of that chain on that particular material then it’s worth to capture and use it, otherwise you have to look for something else. 

What if we could use the same convolution technology to generate any kind of harmonic distortion we can think of (or at least a big part of it)? We would have different magic “tricks” at our fingertips, the right one for each source… And that’s where Domino comes in! The theory we had to apply seemed simple yet effective – even if not so easy to put in practice: for each fundamental frequency of a real audible spectrum, we had to add a certain number and a certain amount of multiple frequencies, or, in case, nothing at all to get transparency. 

Domino let you choose the number of harmonics, their type (odd or even) and their amount for your audio material. A knob called DHPF (Distortion Hi-Pass Filter) can be used to preserve the original content in the lower spectrum, while driving only the upper frequencies. 

To extend the possible applications of Domino, the harmonic driver is paired with a limiter, which can be placed before or after the driver for the maximum flexibility. 

Domino can be applied to any kind of sources (kick, snare, voice, bass, guitars, synths… any other), for almost any kind of music (from EDM to Pop, Rock and more), with subtle or evident results. Last but not least, it works extremely well in the latest phases of music production, and we are confident it will please even the most demanding mastering engineers.


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