Download Center

Center is a self-updating client/server application to manage the installation/authorization of our proprietary products for both TRIAL and FULL versions.
  • First, register on our website and checkout a product.
  • Then, run Center and manage the installation/authorization for the product.
  • Windows

    DiBiQuadro_Center_Win_x86-64_1_3_1_Installer.zip <<< latest



    MacOS Intel / Arm (Apple Silicon)

    DiBiQuadro_Center_Mac_Universal_1_4_3.dmg <<< latest



    IMPORTANT: In case of warning “Center.app is damaged and can’t be opened” or other security restrictions, execute from terminal:

    xattr -cr /Applications/DiBiQuadro\ Center.app


    Changelog Center MacOS Intel/Arm 64-bit

    Version Date Changes
    1.4.3 2022/10/04 Log improvement.
    1.4.2 2022/09/27 Crash fix when trying to reinstall an uninstalled TRIAL (not allowed).
    1.4.1 2022/09/07 Write permissions update on destination folders.
    1.4.0 2022/09/05 – Universal installer for both arm64 and x86-64.
    – Updates to manage new product versions.
    1.3.0 2021/10/24 On Apple Silicon machines, selection between x86-64 and arm64 plugins is available.
    – AU installation: security fix.
    – AU uninstallation.
    1.2.1 2021/10/18 Fix for AU installation feature.
    1.2.0 2021/10/16 – Uninstall All feature.
    – AU installation feature.
    1.1.0 2021/07/04 – Architecture flag.
    – Uninstall feature.
    – Cosmetic updates.
    1.0.1 2021/03/27 Operating system flag
    1.0.0 2021/01/10 Initial version (including all features previously developed for Windows)

    Changelog Center Windows

    1.3.12022/09/27Crash fix when trying to reinstall an uninstalled TRIAL (not allowed).
    1.3.02022/09/05Updates to manage new product versions.
    1.2.02021/10/16Uninstall All feature.
    1.2.02021/10/16Uninstall All feature.
    1.1.02021/07/04– Architecture flag.
    – Uninstall feature.
    – Cosmetic updates.
    1.0.72021/05/09Update for WinSSL
    1.0.62021/03/27Operating system flag
    1.0.52020/12/30Local cfg file saved only once
    1.0.42020/12/23– Internal updates to manage different operating systems.
    – Browse dialog: size increased.
    1.0.32020/10/15All fields disabled during installation
    1.0.22020/09/04Error management: improvements
    1.0.12020/08/27Backslash support
    1.0.02020/08/07Initial version