To create an account just go to “MY ACCOUNT” and register your email address. You will receive an email containing an automatically generated password, which can be changed later.

Yes and no, depending on the product.

You need an account on this website to purchase and activate products under “PRODUCTS”  (Shop) for which we – DiBiQuadro Audio – are the owners of the technology.

In order to get our N4 Libraries instead it is required to register on Acustica Audio  website. Nebula is a product of Acusticaudio S.r.l.. Please follow the links under “N4 LIBS” to do so.


Products can be added to your shopping cart from “PRODUCTS” or the product page (except for “N4 LIBS” for which the checkout is not managed on this site). To finalise the purchase, click on the cart symbol and press “Proceed to checkout” button. Trial and Free products are free of charge, but they have to be activated like any other product.
Commercial products can be paid with the following payment channels:
* Paypal
You can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account. We do not store any credit card data, payments are managed by the payment processors reported above. More details in our Privacy Policy.


For automatic installation/authorization, you can download and install DiBiQuadro Center. Alternatively, for offline/manual installation/authorization, please refer to the Installation Guide for SaturnLO. These procedures will be similar for all our products.


Free products have price 0€, no functional limitation and no expiration date.
Trial products have price 0€ and no functional limitation but they expire after 15 days from the generation of the related license.
Commercial (Full) products have price > 0€, no functional limitation and no expiration date.


There is a reason. All Free, Trial and Commercial (Full) products respect the following versioning convention.

Given a product version number x.y.z.w:

w it is increased only in case of cosmetic updates and/or bug fixes – ie: SaturnLO
z it is increased only in case of important updates and/ord bug fixes – ie: SaturnLO
y it is increased only when the new version requires the generation of new user licenses – No need to purchase the product again – ie: SaturnLO – This will also give the possibility to regenerate the license on a TRIAL product already evaluated.
x it is increased only when the product has been completely restyled. – ie: SaturnLO – No need to purchase the product again, or to pay a “delta” for the update (to be confirmed).