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Passive Tube EQ in a Double Format

Imagine a seasoned audio wizard in the world of music and sound. This magical device, known for its distinctive tube-based circuitry, possesses a distinct and enchanting sonic aura that’s often described as warm and colorful. GeminiPTE recreates this pure magic in a glorious double format. Mono, Stereo or Mid/Side processing are available at your finger tip.


  1. Warm and Colorful: GeminiPTE brings a warm and vibrant character to your audio, like the inviting glow of a crackling fireplace on a winter’s night. It’s as if it paints your sound with musical hues.

  2. Tube Magic: This mystical device harnesses the power of tubes, much like the age-old practice of brewing potions. These tubes introduce a delightful touch of harmonic distortion and saturation, wrapping your audio in a cozy analog embrace.

  3. Boost and Cut: One of its most intriguing spells is the ability to simultaneously boost and cut the same frequencies. It’s like the yin and yang of audio shaping, allowing you to sculpt your sound in a way that’s simply enchanting.

  4. Gentle Waves: Picture its EQ curves as gentle, rolling waves, caressing your sound with care. It doesn’t abruptly alter your audio; instead, it weaves subtle, harmonious changes throughout.


  1. Tonal Wizardry: GeminiPTE is a go-to choice for shaping the tonal essence of your audio. It’s like having a musical sorcerer at your disposal, ready to add warmth, presence, or clarity to instruments and vocals with a flick of their wand.

  2. Mastering Mastery: When mastering your musical creations, GeminiPTE works its final enchantments. It imparts a polished and melodic touch, preserving the dynamic soul of your mix.

  3. Drum Enchantment: For drums, it acts as a rhythmic spellcaster, enhancing the low-end thump and high-end shimmer of kick and snare drums. It brings weight and sparkle to these percussive spirits.

  4. Vocal Charms: When weaving its magic on vocals, it bestows a vintage and soulful charm, enhancing the singer’s unique timbre and making their voice resonate in the mix.

  5. Guitar and Bass Enchantment: Electric guitars and basses are like musical wands themselves, and GeminiPTE helps refine their tone, adding richness and harmonious resonance.

  6. Mixing Magic: In the grand tapestry of your mix, this mystical device can be placed on the mix bus, acting as a guardian of sonic cohesion. It imparts a warm and analog-style glow that ties all the musical elements together.


Tweak the Circuit to your own specs!

GeminiPTE features a built-from scratch 64-bit engine which is based on general purpose hi-quality algorithms and the most recent non-linear models. Particular attention has been put on the definition of the Non-Linear Solver to get the maximum quality and realism, without losing details in favor of performances (Double-Precision Non-Linear Computing).

Our Non-Plus-Ultra reproductions bring a completely new philosophy to the table: being able to shape your tone by giving total access to the circuit components. Shaping each band or modifying the tubes characteristics: there is virtually no limit to what you can achieve with our plugins!


Alternative 2D GUI

We provide an alternative GUI, selectable from Center.



Every knob and button of the Equalizer section can be automated in your DAW. This provides a new level of integration with the time-based events of your project.


Audio Samples

We put great passion to get the perfect representation of the hardware. If you don’t trust our words, then trust your ears.


System Requirements

GeminiPTE is distributed for Windows 64-bit and MacOs 64-bit Intel and Arm (Apple Silicon), in 2 formats:

  • Plugin in VST3/AU 64 bit format;
  • Renderer in Windows/macOs executable

We recommend to demo the 15-days trial version before any purchase. Requirements are reported in the tables below.

Formats and operating systems different from the ones specified above are not supported yet.


DAW compatibility

GeminiPTE can be used on the most popular DAWs (digital audio workstation). Here is a list of the DAWs on which GeminiPTE has been tested:

  • Cockos Reaper (Windows/macOs)
  • Presonus Studio One (Windows/macOs)
  • Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo (Windows/macOs)
  • Logic Pro X (macOs)
  • Cakewalk Bandlab/Sonar (Windows)
  • Ableton Live (Windows/macOs)
  • Avid Pro Tools



To install/authorize GeminiPTE please use DiBiQuadro Center. If you have any issue please contact us.