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The Bringer of Joy

JupiterXTC is the representation of all the best characteristics of modern and vintage amps, the final pleasure for any guitar player. It delivers three independent preamp channels, each one featuring its own EQ section (contrary to only two of its hardware counterpart) and multiple switching options, including the Plexi mode to engage that classic British feel.


 Non-Plus-Ultra Preamp

Non-Plus-Ultra Preamp represents the perfect approach to circuit modeling. MeruryRec preamp features a built-fromscratch 64-bit engine which is based on general purpose hi-quality algorithms and the most recent non-linear models. Particular attention has been put on the definition of the Non- inear Solver to get the maximum quality and realism, without losing details in favor of performances (Double-Precision Non-Linear Computing).

Our non-plus-ultra reproductions bring a completely new philosophy to the table: being able to shape your tone by giving total access to the circuit components. Managing each gain stage level, shaping the tone-stacks or modifying the tubes characteristics: there is virtually no limit to what you can achieve with our plugins!


Pwr/Cabs: Non-Linear Convolution

Before describing our solution, let’s talk about what everyone else does: the commonly spread approach of the “single IR” to reproduce a cabinet is nothing more than a digital clean equalizer. Which means: non-linearities are not reproduced at all. Competitors generally model power amps to introduce harmonic distortion, but they totally omit the non-linearities coming from the speaker, the microphone and the mic preamp. While these can be considered somehow negligible for some types of high wattage speakers when dealing high gain sounds, it is essential when the speaker breaks up. Furthermore, sometimes solid state power amps are used to sample cabinet, speakers and mikes, but these power amps, despite being considered “neutral”, have their own “footprints” due to the different impedance, so the interaction with the speaker is noticeably different when compared to a classic tube power-amp.

Another limit of many well-known amp simulations is the complete absence of power amp clipping.

As DiBiQuadro we implemented our own version of Non-Linear Convolution (NLC) to reproduce all the final stages of a miked amplifier. We use to call Pwr/Cab a chain made of:

  •  a tube power amp,
  • a cabinet/speaker,
  • a microphone,
  •  and a high-end studio preamp.
This chain is sampled as a unique block to preserve the correct interaction between the specific power amp and the speakers. Our 64-bit (double precision) NLC engine allows up to 40 kernels (harmonics). In addition, a complete set of parameters gives the full control over the power amp headroom, the type of clipping and the interaction of the negative feedback with the Depth and Presence knobs.
The proprietary solutions just described are grouped under a common acronym: DNC+ (Double-Precision Non-Linear Computing and Convolution).

Double-Precision Non-Linear Computing and Convolution


Audio Samples

We put great passion to get the perfect representation of the hardware. If you don’t trust our words, then trust your ears.


The Renderer

The Renderer is a stand-alone application to process an input wave file in OffLine mode. It can be invoked via command line too. Its purpose is to render long and processing demanding configurations (e.g. high upsampling). 


System Requirements

JupiterXTC is distributed for Windows 64-bit and MacOs 64-bit Intel and Arm (Apple M1), in 2 formats:

  • Plugin in VST3/AU 64 bit format;
  • Renderer in Windows/macOs executable

We recommend to demo the 15-days trial version before any purchase. Requirements are reported in the tables below.

Formats and operating systems different from the ones specified above are not supported yet.


DAW compatibility

JupiterXTC can be used on the most popular DAWs (digital audio workstation). Here is a list of the DAWs on which JupiterXTC has been tested:

  • Cockos Reaper (Windows/macOs)
  • Presonus Studio One (Windows/macOs)
  • Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo (Windows/macOs)
  • Logic Pro X (macOs)
  • Cakewalk Bandlab/Sonar (Windows)
  • Ableton Live (Windows/macOs)



To install/authorize JupiterXTC please use DiBiQuadro Center. If you have any issue please contact us.